Environmentally friendly

  • Ultra energy efficient
  • Do not contain hazardous materials such as halogen, mercury and lead
  • No UV or infrared radiation – do not attract bugs or insects
  • No light pollution – illuminates special features and are neighbour friendly
  • Australian made

Cost effective

  • Up to 90% more cost effective to run than traditional lighting
  • Up to 50,000 hours lamp life (6 hours a day over 22 years)
  • Lower cost installation due to our revolutionary wiring system
  • No maintenance - there are no globes to change.
  • Fewer power supplies. Typically only one power supply is required.
  • Inexpensive power supplies and smaller cables are used
  • Made to last, quality components and a two year replacement warranty
  • D.I.Y outdoor lighting kits available.

Safe design

  • 12 volt DC - cool to touch, no burnt hands or plants and bush fire safe
  • Waterproof

Attractive design

  • Stylish designs to suit a variety of environments
  • Marine grade stainless steel or solid copper
  • Variety of sizes
  • Available in a variety of different colours and tones

Smart design

  • Simple to install, change or disassemble with a flexible plug in wiring system.
  • Robust, reliable and stylish
  • Non corrosive body – marine grade stainless steel or copper, ideal for salt susceptible areas
  • IP68 rated – 100% water/weatherproof – can be installed in ponds, pools or streams
  • Directional light
  • Advanced solid-state technology, no moving parts. Shock and vibration resistant


  • Extensive range of accessories – everything needed to complete a lighting system project
  • Power supplies – indoor and outdoor and a variety of sizes
  • Remote controls
  • Timer /Sensor switches
  • Wiring – Unique “plug and screw” options to cover every installation requirement